Dear Customers,

Please be informed that a scheduled hardware maintenance will take place on Reseller Server 21 on January, 12th starting at 00:00 AM EST | 05:00 UTC. This essential maintenance will ensure that the server continues to deliver optimum performance.

The timeframe for the maintenance is the following:
00:00 AM EST | 05:00 UTC – 02:00 AM EST | 07:00 UTC, January 12th.

Affected services: websites will be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance. cPanel control panel, MySQL, FTP, SSH and mail services will be temporary inaccessible as well.

Expected downtime: up to 1 hour. Everything possible will be done to minimize the downtime.

Once the maintenance starts, we will update you regularly via this blog post

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to work toward providing you with the best possible service.

Kind regards,
Namecheap Support Team

Update @ 05:45 PM EST | 22:45 UTC, January 11th
We would like to let you know that the maintenance has been rescheduled and will take place on January, 15th at 00:00 AM EST | 05:00 UTC. We will update you via this post once it starts.

Update @ 00:30 AM EST | 05:30 UTC, January 15th
Due to technical complications during the preparation process, the start of the maintenance is postponed for the undefined period of time.  We will update you when the maintenance starts.

Update @ 01:45 AM EST | 06:45 UTC, January 15th
This is to let you know that maintenance was rescheduled one more time and it is to be handled on January, 16th at 00:00 AM EST | 05:00 UTC. Thank you for your patience.

Update @ 00:10 AM EST | 05:10 UTC, January 16th
The maintenance has started. We will keep this post updated.

Update @ 01:35 AM EST | 06:35 UTC
We are glad to inform you that the maintenance has been finished successfully and all the services are up and running.

Thank you for your patience!

Kind regards,
Namecheap Support Team